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My name's Nikhil, call me Nik.

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Nikhil Mohan

This photo was taken 12 years ago when I got my first assignment as a Project Manager for a firm in New York. I literally worked 12 or more hours a day to manage my first project only because there was no mentor at the time for me who could have walked me through the first project. I wish I knew everything that I know now, my first project should have been a breeze. And that is the reason why I decided to put this course together so you have everything you should know when taking on your first project. I am now a Sr. IT Program Manager working at one of the Fortune 100 company in the United States, YouTuber and Mentor. I started Niks Projects YouTube channel to share free tutorials and information on Project Management and to advance your career to next level. Niks Courses online school is started to help coach people on Project Management skills from basics to advanced levels, teach how to use the tools used in the industry and get you prepare for your PM certifications.

Master Project: Course curriculum

Project Management Master Class

  • 1


    • Introduction to your Instructor

    • Course Overview & Project Management Phases

    • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Phases

    • Project Management Basics & Methodologies

    • Project Management Leadership Styles

    • Project Ceremonies or Meetings

    • What is SCURM & KANBAN in Agile

    • Project Management Tools

    • Project Planning Techniques

    • Project Management Skill Set

    • Procure Resources, Tools & Services

    • Download Project Management Checklist

  • 2

    Project Management Tools

    • Get Microsoft Project FREE for 30 Days

    • Microsoft Project Basics and Planning- For Waterfall Project Management

    • Atlassian Tools (Get JIRA FREE) - For Agile Project Management

    • JIRA Basics and Planning - For Agile Project Management

  • 3

    Project Initiation

    • Project IDEA, Business Case & Sponsors

    • Identify Stakeholders & Build Team

    • Project Governance, PMO & Steering Committee

    • Setup Project Artifacts & Collaboration Tools

  • 4

    Project Planning

    • Project Kickoff

    • Requirement Gathering Session

    • Agile Sprint Planning

    • Agile Sprint Planning in JIRA - SCRUM

    • Project Plan development using Microsoft Project

    • Project Risk & Risk Assessment Tools

  • 5

    Project Execution

    • Define & Execute Planned Activities

    • Status Calls & Status Reporting

    • Issues & Risks Management

    • Go-Live & Cutover Planning

    • HyperCare Support

  • 6

    Project Closing

    • Lessons Learned

    • Transition to Operations

    • Archive Project Documents

    • Create your Project Plan and submit for review

  • 7

    Bonus Tips

    • Softskills for Project Management

    • Project Management Interview Preparation

PM Master Class Benefits

By completing this Master Class you will have all the tools and knowledge required to execute your projects successfully with Confidence. You will also learn different leadership styles, how to influence cross functional team and manage your team and project successfully.

  • You will have a strong understanding of the basics of Project Management

  • Hands-on training on Project Management Tools such as MS Project & JIRA and more

  • You will understand the Process, People and Policies side of Project Management

  • You will be able to download and use standard Project Management Templates used in this course

Master Project

Master Class on Project Management Process, Tools, Leadrship Skills and more to Manage your project successfully


  • Why should I buy this course?

    If you are looking for a mentor who can guide and support you through your project management journey especially, managing your first project? Then this course will give you a strong foundation on the general project management principles and tools and basic knowledge to execute the project from initiation to closing using all the right tools and managing the team effectively to successfully complete the project execution.

  • Why should I pay when there is free content on YouTube

    Excellent Question! There are lot of free resources on Internet including YouTube. However you have to spend time to find the right content that you can trust and taught by someone who can trust. . It’s a great place to start, but if you want to just focus on end to end in the right order with a strong foundation on Project Management from an instructor who is working and managing projects and programs then you made the right choice by purchasing this course. In this course I will take you through the foundation, how to plan, organize and manage your project, team, stakeholders and how to effectively communicate and report project status.

  • When will be the Course Available?

    The course is now live as of November 30th 2021 for purchase.

  • What is Included in the Course?

    You would get unlimited access to the online course and all PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files used during the class. A 30 minute introduction zoom call within 30 days of purchase to go over any questions from the course. Additional zoom call sessions available as per user request for a small fees.

  • What do I do if I still have questions?

    If you have additional questions on course content, purchase or more, don't worry I got you covered. Send me your question to hello@nikscourses.com or support@nikscourses.com and I will get back to you ASAP

  • Is the price too high for this course?

    The course is priced below the market place, the value course offers and the knowledge you gain is priceless and you will be able to apply your learnings in your project management career for better advancement, pay and opportunities. You are going to reap the benefits and cover the cost for this course with your advancement in your career. In addition you get a mentor service for limited time rather than just an online course. All the materials and course content are for you to keep for lifetime.


Gain the knowledge, expertise and confidence to manage Projects

When I started my first project, I wish I had this course to guide me through the phases of Project Management. I had to learn on the job and got successful after executing projects for years. I put this course together so that anyone who is running their first project OR someone who want to execute the project as per the industry standards, they will be able to consume the course and be successful. By taking this course you will learn the end to end process to run Agile or Waterfall projects. How and when to use certain tools, learn how to use the most commonly used project management tools such as Microsoft Project, Jira, Confluence, Teams, Office Suite etc. Learn how to successfully plan and execute as well as manage diverse and cross functional team.


This is just the first step towards your career growth. Invest now to advance and fast track your career growth.

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Easy to follow!

Nibedita Dash

Thank u for these course explaining so nicely and easy to follow...…SIXTH DIMENSION LEARNING, and this is also good for PMP online course.